November 23, 2010

Dota Huskar Item Build | Sacred Warrior Guide

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The Trolls of the Darkspear tribe, long since exiled from their ancestral lands in Stranglethorn Vale, are considered by many to be the most savage race of creatures to ever grace the battlefield. This reputation is well earned by their Sentinel representative Huskar, who's abilities revolve around shortening his own lifespan to spear his foes to burning pieces. Considered a blessed martyr by his people, the Sacred Warrior is not afraid of death, and will even run towards it willingly, sometimes desperately, in order to bring the Undead Scourge to an end.

~ Huskar Item Builds ~
> Starting Items <
With these starting items for Huskar you will have enough survivability and plus damage with the  2 Gauntlets of Strengths. You can spam your Burning Spear alot having 6 Tango of Essifation and 1 Healing Salve.

> Killer Item Build <
You can have Dagger of Escape for Huskar first if your team lacks a setter and if you feel that you are
 gonna be a ganker too but if you have enough disabler in your team then go for Boots of Travel first. 
Next, if you have no problem for your defense you can choose Armlet of Mordiggian instead 
of Vanguard or else not buy  Vanguard and go quickly for Heart of Tarrasque. 
Lastly, for more ownage, go for Butterfly.

> Support Item Build <
This item build is for support. Huskar can be a also support especially when he combines his Inner Vitality
skill with Mekansm. Go for Dagger of Escape to help you flee when you are being ganked. Khadgar's Pipe of  Insight is very much effective for your team if your enemies are heavy nukers and use it with Mekansm and your team would probably still stand after a clash. Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse and Orchid Malevolence 
is just a luxury item for your support role for Huskar.

> Push Type Item Build <
Huskar can be a great pusher too. You can opt to buy Vanguard first if you have a hard time laning
with hero or build Lothar's Edge first if you have an advantage in the lane and farm for a Vanguard faster.
After getting those two items you can now buy Boots of Travel recipe and push the other
lanes after the other. The last item probably you would have in your inventory is either
Mjolnir or Manta Style or both.

> Optional / Situational Items <
Black King Bar if you have problem dealing with stunners and spell casters.
Blademail if you have DPS enemy hero like Mortred, Phantom Lancer and etc.
Linken Sphere for more shell and to avoid single target spell.

~ Complete Huskar, Sacred Warrior Guide ~
For a complete walkthrough strategy guide for Huskar you can check out:
A Complete Guide For Huskar | Who you wanna me kill?
by: Craphter


yea, might as well write "no rapier"?

My Build for Huskar Killer Type is Phase Boots/BoT, Vanguard
HoT, Aghanims , Cuirass , Satanic

what is the final build of huskar

i tried cranium basher and it worked !!!! cool

cranium basher?? i dont think so!

but you can buld a aghamipts?

u know ur stupid.. i don't like any item build of yours..

Try Treads, HoD, Lothars, Phase Boots, Aghanims, HoT and Butterfly.


try Phase Boots, satanic, buriza, butterfly, vanguard, blink dagger

threads, satanic, buriza, butterfly, vanguard,Aghanims:)

for me. butterfly, aghanims, mekanism and armlet.

i think i like d kill build item

mas ok yun threads then 2 bracer atsaka! buriza.. sigurado gg na sila.. hahaha! simply na item pero sulit..

my build for huskar is threads,satanic,vanguard,aghanims,buriza and butterfly

My build is satanic, BoT, vanguard, HoT/aghanims, buriza and butterfly.


Heart of tarasque 2x
Aghanim scepter
Domi and get satanic
Power threads / phase boots / travel

No one can harass you..

Ultimate Build

Power Treads
heart of tarrasque
Aghanims Scepter So UR ss Is All the sweeter to use

That's my style

Try this. My build for huskar. Power Threads, Helm of Dominator, Sange & yasha , Crystalys -> (Late game) Buriza , Heart of Tarrasque , Divine Reaper .

Direct RAMPAGE!!!

try my item build for huskar
power treads

RampAge !!

I agree with killer type build

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