February 21, 2011

Dota Earthshaker Item Build | Dota Raigor Stonehoof Guide and Strategy

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In the barren-lands, tales spoke of tauren sages reaping the essence of dirt. Their consciousness melds with the brown beneath them. The loam becomes the conduit of their mental thought and reality. These warriors were feared for they could summon massive ruptures at their mere whim. So tremendous was their power that their magic leaks out of the earth violently with every spell. Sadly these sages mysteriously faded from the land. When the World Tree was threatened, couriers searched for these mighty ones but found just one. A young adept, Raigor Stonehoof, seeks battle to weave new tales of these shamans.

~ Earthshaker, Raigor Item Builds ~
> Starting Earthshaker, Raigor Stonehoof Item Build <
 This Earthshaker starting build item is for players who are used in spamming skills especially
the Fissure of Raigor. Buy animal courier and later turn it into flying courier and buy empty bottle
to spam your skills and kill your opponent. 2 Clarity Potions while waiting for your empty bottle
and the Mantle of Intelligence for Mana purposes and Ironwood Branch for additional stats.

> Starting Earthshaker, Raigor Stonehoof Item Build 2 <
This build for Earthshaker is for those who have teams and have an ally who has a role to buy
Flying Courier. With this build, Magic Stick would be enough for regen of HP and Mana and
2 Mantle of Intelligence for additional Max Mana Points and 2 Clarity Potion while waiting for your
empty bottle or Arcane Boots to be bought.

> Core Earthshaker, Raigor Stonehoof Items <
Arcane Boots is a vital item for Earthshaker for its additional mana when you and your allies
 need it before a clash so you will not be short on mana when you need it. Raigor is an initiator so
Dagger of Escape is also essential for him to set up the clash and wipe some of them. DoE can also
be used when escaping from ganks. Earthshaker must have the Aghanims Scepter to add damage
with his Echo Slam and eliminate more of the enemy heroes in a clash. Shiva's Guard to add tankiness
to him and Eul's Scepter of Divinity to hex one hero and give you a high percentage to win a clash.

> Optional / Situational Magina Items <
 Empty Bottle if you like spamming skills and good at transporting the bottle with the 
Flying Courier. Buy Power Treads if you think you are short with Mana or HitPoints with 
Earthshaker. Bracers are for additional HP when you feel you are a paper and you have
 bought Arcane Boots instead of Power Treads.


It's better to have refresher orb to make a rampage killing.

if you buy refresher orb its too expensive, aghanims scepter is okay for him instead. or buy bloodstone for hp and mana regen and extra stickness in battle :)

Refresh Orb should be with Aghanims and i Bet you'll own people... >:)

the eul's scepeter of divinity cannot do to hex a hero it's the guinsoo's scythe of vyse that have the ability it is the one in the picture

aganims good but bkb must go in

best build for earth is killer. . . lothar,desolator,and buriza i swear it imbalance item for him

for me its better to use desolator!!!

what ever earthshaker is lozzzzzer

mga panget,,,,,basher is very important for earthshaker,,,then a sacred relic,,fuck yor damn enemy,

dota o ako

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