February 23, 2011

Dota Rhasta Item Build | Dota Shadow Shaman Item Guide and Strategy

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Once a gifted troll witch doctor, young Rhasta was well versed with the secrets of voodoo magic. When the war between the Sentinel and the Scourge began, Rhasta, then a Shadow Hunter, offered his allegiance to the Sentinels to vanquish the Scourge once and for all. While he was gifted as a witch doctor, Rhasta is a genius as a shadow hunter, exceeding his master by mastering the art of summoning multiple serpent wards, binding enemies for a short time and casting elemental lightning to several units.

~ Rhasta, Shadow Shaman Item Builds ~
> Rhasta, Shadow Shaman Starting Item Build <
These items would be your starting items for Rhasta. You need to buy an animal courier(which
would be upgraded later into Flying Courier) so that while roaming you have a deliverer 
of your items. 2 Clarity Potions and Tango of Essifation for mana and HP regeneration while farming 
for your bottle. Mantle of Intelligence and Ironwood Branch for additional Mana and damage.

> Rhasta Pusher Type Item Build <
So you need a bottle first to help Rhasta in his HP and Mana Regeneration while farming
for your Perseverance for faster Regeneration. After getting Perseverance it is advisable to
get Boots of Travel to start teleporting to each lanes at a time and laying Rhasta's Serpent
Wards to destroy towers quickly. It's up to you if you will get Refresher Orb to Cast Serpent
Wards twice on a tower or Aghanims Scepter first if your mana is not sufficient to cast Serpent 
Wards twice. Lastly, to have tankiness and have the enough Mana Points you can have Soul 
Booster or you can probably choose Shiva's Guard.

> Rhasta Killer Type Item Build <
Rhasta needs Empty Bottle badly to spam his spells so that he can get items quickly. Next is to support
your mana needs, you must have Arcane Boots to give you additional spamming ability with the Bottle.
Rhasta must be a roamer/ganker. The Eul's Scepter of Divinity is the right combination for Rhasta's
Serpent Wards. Just cast Cyclone and deploy Serpent Wards on the ground for a sure kill. Still, as a killer,
you need dagger if you Serpent Wards is on cooldown. Aghanims Scepter for your Ultimate. Guinsoo Scythe
of Vyse for your Luxury Item which is helpful in clashes to disable 2 of their heroes.

> Rhasta Support/Roaming Type Item Build <
Again, Empty Bottle for early HP and Mana Regeneration while farming for your Arcane Boots.
Arcane Boots for Rhasta's additional Mana and instant Mana Regeneration. Dagger of Escape to 
initiate gank and Shackle your enemy hero. Aghanims Scepter for stronger Serpent Wards. 
Shiva's Guard for your allies to have bonus armor and the Arctic Blast which helps your team greatly.

> Rhasta Situational Type Item Build <
Magic Stick is helpful for Rhasta especially if quick regeneration is needed.
Bracer for additional HP because as we all know Rhasta is fragile.
Linken's Sphere if you're always targeted even you come late in the clash.


how to built Arcane Boots.

1 Slipper Agility 2x Blades of Attack

LOL first get a boots of speed then buy energy booster and that's it.ARCANE BOOTS ")

its so good tobe a WTF fan

i like this site!post some more item builds of some heroes!!!

4 items which is good for your hero and the last 2 is defend to your enemy,,that's what we called luxury item builds in dota game,,always remember this words,,thanks,,
by: dota o ako,,

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