December 14, 2010

Dota Kunkka Item Build | Dota Admiral Item Guide and Strategy

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Of all the allies in the Sentinel's ranks, only one, is known by as many names and is feared in as many lands. Called Capt. CoCo by his mates, Jacksparrow by others, The Legendary Mariner by some, but only a select few know his real name and what it stands for. He can harness the powers of the depths to conjure torrential geysers that blast his enemies into the air. His elegant blade is sworn to the Seas and with each mighty swing it ebbs like the tides. Using a watery form of spacial magic, he can bring you back to your original destination. The Captain now sails towards the Scourge lands, aboard his Phantom vessel boosting the spirits of his comrades with his fabled Rum, paving the way for the victory of the Sentinel. He is Kunkka, Master and Commander of the seven seas.

~ Kunkka Item Builds ~
> Starting Kunkka Items < 
This would probably your starting your items for Kunkka. You won't be needing a bottle because
you will be making Urn of Shadows afterwards and Perseverance for Battle Fury. You'll have
Tidebringer as your friend to give you gold so you won't be needing Torrent as much so we won't
be having a bottle. Be sure to be careful because you will have limited regen with this build.

> Killer Kunkka Item Build < 
Phaseboots for the damage and movement speed. For the attack speed Lothars and Assault Cuirass will take care of it later. Just farm for the mean time. Urn of Shadows for HP and Mana Regen which is for me better than Empty Bottle because you will have Battlefury will only make the bottle useless afterwards. Lothars Edge for escape and set up. Assault Cuirass for defense and at the same time attack speed and lastly if the game permits Buriza for the D-A-M-A-G-E.

> Optional / Situational Kunkka Items <
Vanguard if you're lacking defense especially in clashes and you're always wiped out.
Bottle for if you feel your regeneration from Battlefury and Urn of Shadows is not enough.
Black King Bar if you have a lot of heavy nukers and disabler enemy heroes.
Linken Sphere  can be an alternative for Black King Bar.

~ Complete Kunkka, Admiral Guide ~

For a complete walkthrough strategy guide for Rooftrellen you can check out:

by: Dysania


nice item build for kunkka. i also dont recommend using bottle for kunkka.

coool. thanks for this item build. yea! bottle sucks for kunkka! urn is better..

yeah boy!!!! i got monster kill on thin ang after that its a triple kill!!!!!!

yeah baby yeah baby baby baby baby yeah yeah

ako farm lng pag na feed ang buo ko phase boot,2 battle fury,buriza,dagger,BKB. yeah yeah

i think desolator is the best build for admiral

no two battlefury are nice

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