November 28, 2010

Dota Morphling Item Build | Dota Morphling Guide

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The Morphling, nature's magnum opus, the pinnacle of evolution, can force his liquid body to flow over opponents in a massive wave, forcibly moving himself as well as injuring his enemies. At a whim he may change the composition of his body, trading strength for agility and vice versa. Capable of manipulating his energy into either disable or damage based on his strongest attribute, the Morphling's most disturbing ability creates a literal clone of a chosen target, forcing them to face their own reflection as he crushes them in their confusion. 

~ Morphling Item Builds ~  
> Starting Items < 
You need a courier and a bottle to supply your Hp and Mana Regen in early to mid part of the game.
At first you need two Clarity Potion to help you last hit with waveform and eventually buy your Potion Bottle.
Meanwhile you must have two Tangos of Essifation for some HP regen while waiting for your Potion Bottle and the two Ironwood Branches are for additional damage, hitpoints and mana points.

> Killer Manta Style Item Build <
Morphling is naturally a killer. Get a Boots of Travel to farm well with the lanes and get the necessary killing
items to dominate in the game. After getting a magic wand, you can get Perseverance first to supply 
your Mana Regen to maximize farming or you can get your Yasha for more DPS and kill your enemy 
heroes faster. Its advisable to finish first the Linken Sphere before Manta Style to make your
 Illusions  more hard.Lastly, if the game gets longer you can have Butterfly to increase your
 damage, attack speed and evasion.

> Killer Ethereal Blade Item Build <
This build concentrates on the Damage Burst and not on the Damage Per Second by Morphling. Ethereal Blade is now one of the hottest items to get  for Morphling because his Adaptive Strike attack type is now magical and a perfect complement for the Ether Blast skill from the item because it takes 2.5x agi of
Morphling in magic damage which is so much great with his Morph skill. Take this if you want to 
instantly kill the disabler of the opponent's hero and win the game.

~ Complete Morphling, Morphling Guide ~
For a more in-depth  strategy guide for Morphling you can check out:
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by: Melderv


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