November 29, 2010

Dota Thrall Item Build | Dota Far Seer Guide

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Being raised by humans as a gladiator, Thrall learned more about strategy and tactics as a youth than even experienced orcish warchiefs learned in their lives. After escaping from the human slavery and meeting Grom Hellscream, he found out that he was a descendant of the Frostwolf clan. He traveled to his ancestor's village, where he became familiar with the spiritual magics of the orcish shamans. Now he combines not only his control over thunder, but also his tactical abilities to turn fights in his favor using impenetrable walls of magic, areas of static energy and even control over time.

 ~ Thrall Item Builds ~
> Starting Items <
Well this are the starting items for Thrall. First get a courier to have a transporter of your empty bottle. 
Thrall must have an Empty Bottle to spam your skills early and farm well in your lane and buy the necessary items for him. 2 Clarity Potions will be enough while you are waiting for your Empty Bottle and a Tango of
Essifation for an HP regen. Be sure not to take damage from creeps and just stay back if you don't need
to attack. Mantle of Intelligence for additional Mana Pool and damage.

> Killer Thrall Item Build <
I know you are wondering why Power Treads and not Arcane Boots? Well it's either for your need of 
HP or Mana. Also, the additional attack speed is a bonus. Well, you won't be needing Arcane Boots
because of your Empty Bottle, the regen from Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Perseverance. Just use your 
mana and courier wisely and rune hogging. Eul's Scepter of Divinity is a great combo for Kinetic Field, especially if you have a hard time using Kinetic Field. Linken Sphere is to give you the tankiness and 
evasion from those deadly nuker hero caster and Dagon as your last item to get those kills. 

> Support Thrall Item Build <
Yes, you need Arcane Boots for Thrall if you are a support. It's like your a mana supplier for your team. Of course you need a bottle to spam those skills and make way for your allies to kill your enemy. Mekansm
is for your team to when in clash and regeneration also. Eul's Scepter of Divinity for a set up for your Kinetic
Field skill. Lastly, Shiva's Guard for the slow AoE (for support).

~ Complete Thrall, Far Seer Guide ~
For a complete walkthrough strategy guide for Thrall you can check out:
by: Nikmar-official


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