December 5, 2010

Dota Zeus Item Build | Dota Lord of Olympia Guide

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Once a diety of unfathomable might, the Lord of Olympia reluctantly sacrificed his much relished immortality in exchange for the chance to crush the sinister armies of the unholy undead. As his soul crossed into the mortal plane, his omnipotent powers withered greatly, yet not nearly enough to quell this destructive Thunder God's resolve for justice. Ever vigilant in his relentless assault, the Scourge cowers in fear of incurring the fearsome wrath of Zeus

 ~ Zeus Item Builds ~
> Starting Items <
Well this are the starting items for Zeus. First get a courier to have a transporter of your empty bottle. 
Zeus must have an Empty Bottle to spam your skills early and farm well in your lane and buy the necessary items for him. 2 Clarity Potions will be enough while you are waiting for your Empty Bottle and a Tango of
Essifation for an HP regen. Be sure not to take damage from creeps and just stay back if you don't need
to attack. Mantle of Intelligence for additional Mana Pool and damage.

> Killer Zeus Item Build <
First, have a potion bottle for Zeus to help him with his regen and last longer in your lane. Next, get a Arcane Boots to make you spam your skills in creeps or heroes and get gold to get your next item which is the Aghanims Scepter to make your last skill damage more. After getting Aghanims Scepter, be sure to build Perseverance first other than the three boosters to help you spam your skills more to harass heroes and creeps in the lane and push your way. Lastly, if the game is still on your last item would be  Guinsoo 
Scythe of Vyse. Zeus would be no longer strong in late game so you would be supporting your 
teammates on that stage.


cool. u just need to be careful with zeus avoiding ganks.

But There is one Missing dagger

Well you can replace the bloodstone with refresher orb, and the dagger with lothars. thats what I prefer.

my build= bloodstone, refresher orb, aghanims,Guinsoo
Scythe, bot

missing hammerstorm then dagon to lightning combo...

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